The popular web browser, Microsoft Edge, announced the kids mode for kids. The internet has become safer for children.


Today, while different applications continue to make various attempts to make the internet safer, the dangers on the internet continue to increase day by day. While violent sites, videos, and more continue to affect children in a very negative way, some developers have set out to close the gap in this area. One of these developers was the popular company Microsoft. Kids mode for Microsoft Edge was announced today. With the new mode, the internet environment has become more secure.

As you may remember, in the past months, Google Chrome has offered its dark mode feature to its users to surf the internet more comfortably. Edge, Chrome’s closest competitor, is not idle these days when we arrive in the middle of April. The company, which has been on the news before with the importance it attaches to children, has finally released the mode it has been working on for months. This mod seems to be most liked by mothers and fathers.

Microsoft Edge Got Kids Mode

We could more or less guess that the company was working on a new mod anyway. However, we did not have any information that this future mode will be for children. Kids mode, which will especially be enjoyed by parents, makes it safer for children to access the internet. With this feature, expressed as a child-friendly internet browser, children will only be able to access approved sites. Child mode, placed directly inside the browser, is available for free on both Windows and Mac versions of the browser.

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Let’s mention the activation method for our readers who do not know how to activate the kid mode. We open the Edge browser, click on the account information at the top right of the main page, and activate the child mode that appears in the drop-down menu. Enabling kid mode is that simple.


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