With the new update, Microsoft has added the ability to generate QR codes for links to the Edge internet browser.

With the Chrome 88 update, Google recently released support for QR code generation for links. This feature first appeared in Chromium Gerrit, released in 2020. After Google, Microsoft is now bringing this feature to its Chromium-based web browser.

Microsoft Edge has released a new update that brings the ability to generate QR code for links in Edge Canary. The feature is enabled by default in Canary, but needs to be manually enabled in the full version.

How to turn on QR Code feature for Microsoft Edge?
If you are using the full version of the browser in question, you have to open it manually as we mentioned above. This setting is as follows step by step;

Open Microsoft Edge, type edge: // flags in the address bar and press Enter
Type QR Code in the search bar in the Experiments window that opens
Change the setting that says “Enable sharing page via QR Code” to Enabled
Restart the browser

After these steps, you will see the QR Code icon in the address bar.

How to get QR Code for Microsoft Edge links?
If you have made the necessary settings to enable the feature, when you click on the address bar, the QR Code icon will appear on the right side of the bar. When you click this icon, you will be able to generate a QR code for the link of the website you are on and visually save and send this QR code.

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Finally, let’s say that the feature in question is available in Canary and Microsoft Edge 88, if you are not using these versions, you should update your browser.


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