Technology giant Microsoft adds a new feature to the Edge browser where you can send URLs between Windows 10 and Android. The submit this page feature is currently limited to Edge Canary.

Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge browser gains the ability to share tabs between different devices using the same Microsoft account. The new feature in Edge is used in the same way as the ‘Send to your devices’ feature in the Chrome browser.

‘Post this page’ feature in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft adds a useful feature to its Edge browser. The need to use favorites, tab sync, history feature or email when you want to send URLs to yourself will be eliminated with the new feature.

The address bar includes a pop-up window with a laptop and phone icon so you can share URLs to your Android phone or other devices signed in with the same Microsoft account.

Users who choose their Android smartphone will receive a notification from Edge Canary that a tab has been sent to your device. The notification will contain the URL and some information about the device that sent the tab. If you want to share the URL from the smartphone to the desktop, access to the feature will be provided from the Share menu in the navigation bar.

To use the “Send this page” feature with Edge, you need to have Microsoft Edge Canary version 92.0.873.0 on desktop and Canary 92.0.870.0 on Android. The feature is not yet available on macOS.

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