Microsoft is adding new security and privacy measures to the browser with Edge 88. If your saved passwords on Edge are compromised, the browser will alert you and ask you to change the password.

Microsoft has announced a number of new features coming to the Edge browser, including sidebar search, history sync. The most important feature that comes to the scanner is Password Monitor. This feature warns you if you are using insecure credentials. Password Monitor began rolling out for Insiders in June 2020 and is now generally available with the new version of Edge.

It will be easier to keep passwords safe
The Password Monitor, which comes with Edge 88, periodically contacts a server and scans the credentials you saved in Edge for presence in a database of compromised credentials. If your credentials have been stolen, this feature will immediately notify you and prompt you to change your password or credentials.

In a blog post shared by Microsoft: “When any of your passwords saved in the browser match those seen in the leaked credentials list, Microsoft Edge will notify you and prompt you to update your password. Password Monitor scans the matches for you and is enabled by default. Password Monitor will be available with Microsoft Edge 88, however, it may take a few weeks before you see this in your browser. ” gave his statements.

Microsoft also offers a built-in powerful password generator with Edge 88 that you can use when signing up for a new account or changing an existing password. If you choose these passwords offered automatically, the password will be saved automatically and synchronized between your devices.


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