Microsoft has started implementing a feature that will eliminate a major problem for those who rely heavily on email for their personal and professional lives. The company activated the Reply-All Storm Protection feature this weekend, a function that blocks conversations that are overloaded with messages and recipients, who send many messages on the same topic using the “Reply to all” button.

The system detects a “storm of messages” in conversations involving at least ten messages sent to more than 5,000 people at once within an hour. If this prerequisite is met, the topic will be locked for four hours.

The idea is to convince users that, in some cases, it may be better to respond only to the user who sent the message or to a smaller number of people so as not to overload inboxes.

The above message will be displayed to the participants, aiming to make users aware of massive referrals. Microsoft’s idea is to refine this block over time, gradually learning user behavior and eventually easing punishment. Initially, the platform was announced during the last edition of Ignite, in 2019.

It is worth remembering that, for now, the novelty will be restricted to owners of Office 365 accounts from the Exchange Online service –, which is the company’s non-corporate e-mail service, still has no forecast to receive the feature.

Text prediction
In parallel, Microsoft announced on Monday (11) that the Outlook email service will receive a feature that already exists in competitor Gmail: an autocomplete feature that makes “predictions” and gives the user suggestions on what text to write – something which takes into account both the format of the original message and some keywords, leaving corporate messages more formal, for example. According to The Verge, the function should be implemented in May 2020.


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