A patent application has been filed for the Microsoft Chatbot to be used for different purposes.Software giant Microsoft is pursuing different innovations.

A project currently called Microsoft Chatbot; Based on the private data of the user, a chatbot will be developed with the same behaviors as that person. At the same time, Microsoft, which has currently applied for a patent for this project, has not yet shared the relevant information.

According to the patent application, Microsoft is working on a system that can create a chatbot that looks like that person by using photos, voice data, social media posts, electronic messages and written letters to profile a person. This chatbot will also go through a separate training process to fully recreate the chosen person.

For whom this system will be used, it does not exactly target a certain audience. It is said that the Microsoft chatbot can portray alive or dead people, or even any fictional character. It is quite different and on the one hand looks like an eerie project.

Following this patent application, some questions about privacy issues not explicitly addressed by Microsoft also come to mind. For example, will people have the option to exit this Microsoft chatbot whenever they want, or will they be made part of this bot without their consent? Or is it a different possibility that people will be able to prevent their deceased acquaintances from turning into chatbots? It is too early to answer these questions.


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