In the popular flight simulation Microsoft Flight Simulator, 2 million players made 50 million flights.Microsoft shared the most up-to-date figures for its popular game Flight Simulator.

The company last announced in September that the game passed the 1 million threshold. Now, it has been announced that the number of Microsoft Flight Simulator players is 2 million.

It is stated that these 2 million players made 50 million flights, which means 3.5 billion miles, in other words 19 times between the Earth and the Sun. While the most popular destination was New York, 7,000 pilots visited Asobo office and 4,300 pilots visited the Microsoft office. Additionally, the game has been watched for 9.7 million hours on Twitch.

The next major update, which will also offer virtual reality support for Microsoft Flight Simulator, will meet players next week. In addition, the entire fleet will receive a Flight Simulator-themed uniform in the game, and even dog-themed ones from Microsoft’s holiday advertisement will be able to use it.

It is stated that the game will be released next summer for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. While 3 updates are planned for the simulation, it is also among the information that the world will be updated 4-5 times in 2021.


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