Microsoft has started rolling out News and Interests to Windows 10 users, its new feature that appears as a weather icon on the taskbar.

Earlier this year, Microsoft started testing a new feature in the Windows 10 taskbar with the Windows Insider team. In a blog post, the company announced that it has started to offer the taskbar feature called News and Interests to users.

News and Interests feature in Windows 10
This feature Microsoft has brought to Windows 10 can be accessed via an icon and text or just an icon that shows the weather on the taskbar and can be adjusted according to users’ preference. When you hover over this area, a pop-up window containing information such as weather, news, stocks, traffic and sports will welcome the user.

The topics or resources to be included in the pop-up window will be determined by the user according to their own wishes. The company says that this way, they can collect everything that might be of interest to the user in one place. For users who aren’t interested in the new widget, Microsoft says it can be disabled.

The new taskbar widget will be made available to Windows 10 users running versions 1909 or higher. Microsoft said they are taking a phased and measured approach to the new feature, and broad availability will emerge in the coming months.

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