Technology giant Microsoft’s Bitcoin-based decentralized identity tool ION (Identify Overlay Network) was released after a year.

Microsoft’s Bitcoin-based decentralized identity tool, ION, has been launched on the main network with the beta version today.

In the statement, “ION is one of the key components of the new generation of online trust. It decentralizes the way messages and application data are encrypted and shared using the Bitcoin blockchain. Decentralization of identities provides enhanced security, while for the first time consumers are given the opportunity to check their identifiers, such as user or login information. ” Called.

Microsoft is also collaborating with the Bitcoin initiative Casa to create a user-friendly interface for managing multiple digital IDs. “We are excited to help ION take full advantage of technology like Bitcoin to greatly improve authentication, security and privacy on the Internet,” said Casa CEO Nick Neuman. spoke in the form.

In addition, Neuman emphasized that online identity has not developed since the early days of the web, and ordinary users rely on combinations of usernames and passwords that are still forgotten or rather vulnerable to hacking or phishing.

Microsoft project leader Daniel Buchner said, “We are excited about Casa’s collaboration with us at ION. This collaboration explores the potential to build real-world applications by leveraging the strong foundation provided by Bitcoin. ” used expressions.

It was announced a year ago

ION was first announced in May last year. The protocol aims to enable a user-controlled login system, such as Facebook, that is suitable for independent companies or services, rather than system providers with users’ login information. Thus, users will not entrust their information to another party. In the current installed order, when you log into Airbnb via Facebook, a protocol transfers your profile information from your social media account to the other service provider.


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