Aaron Greenberg acknowledges that they generated wrong expectations during the promotion of the latest Xbox Inside. This has been confirmed on his Twitter account.

The first look at how games look on Xbox Series X has drawn some criticism from social media. An Xbox Inside marked by 13 names that will join the “Optimized for Xbox Series X” seal once they hit the market. These titles will take advantage of the functions that the console will allow in technical matters.

In response to a user response to the stir caused on twitter, Aaron Greenberg, general manager of the division, shared his feelings about the reaction of the public: “I suspect that the reactions would have been different if we had not said anything and just showed the Inside Xbox in May as we did last month, “he says. He acknowledges that they generated “some erroneous expectations” in the days prior to their celebration. “We appreciate all the feedback received and we assure you that we will learn as a team,” he concludes.

This was the message:


This first batch left us with an assortment of new intellectual properties, such as Bright Memory Infinite, Call of the Sea and The Medium, among others. It also served to reknow Scorn, a time-consuming project with an Alien flavor. On the known side, SEGA demonstrated good health in the relationship with the Xbox division with the announcement of the jump to the new generation of Yakuza: Like a Dragon, launch title for Xbox Series X and participant in Smart Delivery. You can check the full summary here.

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The team led by Phil Spencer summons us to next July to learn first-hand what Xbox Game Studios is up to, including the return to the screens of Halo: Infinite and surprise revelations. Until that happens, what we know is that more than 140 studios around the globe are working on projects that will reach the new Microsoft console.


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