According to the information leaked from the company, software giant Microsoft plans to radically renew Windows 10 in terms of design and user experience.

Judging by the inside information, Microsoft is working on a major update that mainly affects the user experience and design of the operating system. Because the software giant had indirectly confirmed this at the beginning of the year.

Previously, analysts had said that Microsoft would adopt more rounded corners, work on the animation of some functions, and generally refresh the design of the operating system.

User experience will be revolutionized

Such a step seems completely justified. Since Windows Vista, the operating system has begun to reflect a more modern way of design. Because Apple’s macOS experience reveals how important visuality is in all these matters.

In addition, Microsoft’s job list includes the main composition, creation and detailing of the Start menu, Office, Microsoft Edge and native Windows applications by the Interactive eXperiences Platform (IXP) team.


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