There were some rumors that a VR device could come to the Xbox after a warning that a user encountered in the Xbox Series recently. Microsoft denied these rumors.

As you know, PlayStation also offers services to gamers on the VR side and we can say that the comments are good in general. However, no such breakthrough has been made on the Xbox side so far, and last year, Phil Spencer announced that he had no plans for VR. However, the rumor that came out recently confused people.

Xbox’s new headset has been released recently. When a user tried to connect the headset to their console, it encountered a warning. The warning said that the “VR headset” needed an update. This led to the rumor that it was a VR headset that is being developed directly for the Xbox.

However, a Microsoft spokesperson recently denied these rumors. According to a Microsoft spokesperson, this error is simply due to an error that occurred while doing localization. The Microsoft spokesperson also reminded again that the Xbox has no plans for VR devices.

Microsoft seems to be extremely determined on this issue. Sony is currently developing a new generation VR device for PlayStation 5. Details are expected to be shared in the near future.


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