The highly anticipated feature came to the Windows 10 version prepared for ARM architecture chips. Thus, x64-based software can be run on ARM processors.

One of the most curious things about Windows 10 on ARM is whether traditional x64 software will work on ARM processors. The long-awaited test phase was initiated.

X64 application support on Windows 10 on ARM
Until now, applications with high RAM usage did not work on Windows 10 on ARM, which currently only supports 32-bit x86 software. Naturally, it was seen as a major deficiency that x64 programs were not supported in the operating system where ARM64 applications could be run.

Thanks to the x64 emulator added with the new preview version, x64 applications that you can download from Microsoft Store or from any source can be used effortlessly. Nevertheless, the software giant warned that some applications may not work because the support is in the testing phase.

Finally, those who want to try the preview need to get the ARM64 C ++ redistributable package. In addition, Microsoft has recommended that users of the Samsung Galaxy Book S, Lenovo Flex 5G and Surface Pro X install a preview of the Adreno GPU drivers.


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