It is said that many editors on Microsoft News’s famous news site have been dismissed and replaced with a system that works with artificial intelligence. It is stated that 50 people who are fired are not ‘direct employees’.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has always advocated a system where artificial intelligence is used with workers, rather than using artificial intelligence (AI) instead of workers. However, it seems that Microsoft is happily implementing everything when it comes to a solution opportunity made by artificial intelligence.

According to the news in BusinessInsider, Microsoft News fired dozens of editors on Instead, Microsoft News started using a news selection system powered by artificial intelligence., one of the most important websites that come to mind when it comes to news in the USA, reaches 500 million people from 140 countries. A total of 50 employees are said to have been fired with the artificial intelligence system. It is stated that these employees are not direct employees of Microsoft and work through employment agencies such as Aquent and MAQ Consulting.

Will the artificial intelligence system be of good quality?

On the other hand, there are question marks regarding the quality of the news proposed by the artificial intelligence news unification system. For example, in this system, fake and misleading news can appear to users. Microsoft News states that they use AI to browse content and thereby understand dimensions such as newness, category, subject type, opinion content and potential popularity, and present them to their editors.

According to Microsoft News, artificial intelligence algorithms recommend photos that fit the content, and then editors edit and display the most read news throughout the day. Microsoft is trying to get rid of the ‘human factor’ within the company because these employees cost the company $ 40 an hour.

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BusinessInsider claims that this move is the business of the Bing team, which owns Microsoft News. A Microsoft spokesperson said that they regularly evaluate their own businesses, like all other companies, thereby increasing investments from time to time and restructuring in others. According to the spokesperson, these decisions are not caused by an ongoing coronavirus outbreak.


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