The Android 11 update was released last summer, and many phones are available today. While millions of users are still waiting for Android 11 to come to their phones, Google made its mark on the technology world with Android 12. While the curious wait for the operating system that will be presented to users with a brand new interface continues, the Android 11 announcement came for the Microsoft Surface Duo, a phone that is about to be forgotten. The announcement came, but until the update came to the phone, it made me say who died who was left.



The smart phone, which did not satisfy with its sales and did not have the slightest movement in graphics despite the discounts made many times, came to the agenda with the claims that it would open its doors to Europe. Yes, it has been expected and official sources have confirmed that the phone will be sold in Europe. Of course, while this news does not excite anyone, a news that is almost good news came from users outside the country. Other companies produce new flagships until the news arrives.

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Microsoft Surface Duo to Receive Android 11 Update

As we mentioned in the title, the Android 11 update has been announced for the 2020 smartphone. In the announcement made by official sources, it was stated that the popular operating system Android 11 will come to the device. With the update planned for 2021, users will be offered a new version of the operating system. While other brands’ initiatives for Android 12 continue, it shows that Microsoft did not chase Android 11 and fell behind its competitors. We passed that, it is interesting that he plans this for 2021.

The device, which has pop-up screens like a book like a notebook, has always been at the bottom of the sales lists, although it has reduced its price many times. The update, which is expected to be released in September next year, will bring many innovations.


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