Microsoft Teams suffers from being unable to bear the load of people working from home due to the ongoing Corona virus pandemic.

Microsoft’s chat tool, Microsoft Teams, was interrupted in Europe for more than two hours this morning. The interruption started when thousands of employees decided to work remotely due to the ongoing Corona virus pandemic. Microsoft Teams users had problems signing in and sending messages. After the users announced their problems, Microsoft made a statement on the support account on Twitter, “We are reviewing the messaging issues in Microsoft Teams.” Microsoft then fixed the problems in less than two hours.

This is the second major cut that hit Microsoft Teams this year. The service was also in trouble after forgetting to renew an important SSL security certificate from Microsoft last month. Microsoft finally reruns Teams after the three hour problem and apologized for missing the expired certificate.

What is Microsoft Teams?
While Microsoft Teams is a chat application for some people, it is just an upgraded version of Skype for Business for others. Microsoft Teams is one of the applications that can be used to improve teamwork through enhanced collaboration and communication. Microsoft Teams, which competes with Slack and replaces Skype for Business, is a common communication application created for small businesses, large businesses and individuals such as freelancers, customers, students and teachers. Especially anyone using Office 365 and anyone who wants to work with others can use Teams as a platform to communicate.

Microsoft Teams and Slack comparison
IBM chooses Slack for all its employees. NFL; chose Microsoft Teams for their players, coaches and staff. This competition between the two largest digital collaboration apps made them similar. While comparing these two platforms is quite common, besides individual benefits like free file storage limits, Microsoft is cheaper than Slack. The biggest difference between Slack and Teams is that Teams belongs to Microsoft. This means Teams has integration with Office 365, even in the free version. Meanwhile, Slack (including Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint) also integrates with Google products.

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