One of the best features of Microsoft Teams is now part of Skype. This week, one of the best Teams video calling features is now on Skype.

Microsoft Teams brought new features to Skype

The updated update will provide you with fun conversations as well as good conversations. It is now easier for you to get together with the users you interview. However, the application takes your image from your face to your shoulders and places it in the virtual space of your choice. It also makes this application to other people you interview and brings you together in the virtual space you want. To use this feature, you need to turn on Bundle Mode. To enable Co-Op Mode, you will need at least five people with webcams. With this mode, you will be in a virtual environment as if you were sitting side by side with your participating friends.

These updates offered convenience to many users. If you don’t have a Skype account, you don’t have to worry. Because you can easily use Together Mode without having an account on the web version of Skype. You don’t even need the Skype app for this. In addition, Skype users can create a Meet Now link and share this link with other users without limitation and invite them to this meeting. In this meeting he invites, he can create the virtual environment he wants, provided that there are at least five users.

During the current period, the use of activities such as video calling has increased due to the restrictions and social distance rules. For the first time in July, “Together Mode” was introduced for pandemic-era meetings. However, as the spectators could not actively go to the matches for the matches, the NBA presented this feature to the audience for basketball fans live during the matches. These matches continued virtually. Still, it’s surprising to see a Teams feature on Skype working fine.

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Microsoft Teams could not resist working from home!

At the same time, the epidemic exposed many people to work from home. People who continued to work from home continued their business through Zoom. In addition, the need for most people to socialize and meet with loved ones has also increased. That’s why millions of people came together thanks to Zoom. Microsoft is focused on Teams for video calling and collaboration. Unfortunately, Skype missed this situation.

In addition to the updated Co-Mode feature, it has also added the Wide Grid Mode feature to Skype, which enables us to see the video stream of everyone at the same time. Available on Windows, Mac, Linux, and the web, this version of Skype offers more background options and allows users to add friends for calls that continue with their numbers.


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