Microsoft Teams will make meetings engaging and interactive with the next update.The quarantine process brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic also negatively affected business life.

In this period, especially when meetings and conferences take place at home, software companies aim to provide users with the best experience. It should be noted that the new feature, which aims to ensure that participants interact one-on-one during the meetings, will be updated soon.

According to a statement made by Microsoft, your meetings within Microsoft Teams will be improved with the new feature called “Dynamic view” planned to be added to Teams in March 2021. This software, which is very popular with the Together mode, which was brought in July last year, can be the favorite of the users with its dynamic appearance feature. As you know, AI-powered Together mode helped to raise realism by positioning the participants in the meeting as if they were sitting side by side.

The purpose of the “Dynamic View” feature, which is planned to be new to Microsoft Teams software, is to allow users to easily share their content with participants and to provide more control freedom. Dynamic view helps you see shared content in a meeting and other attendees at the same time. Your meeting screen is automatically optimized to focus on both the shared content and the video attendees. Thus, you can easily present your ideas in the meeting you manage and interact with the participants more easily. Artificial intelligence shows itself here, too.

New controls have also been added to the Microsoft Teams interface to show certain people side by side when it is necessary to present shared content as a group. This feature seems like a very useful function when you need to present your project with your group. In addition to these innovations, some improvements in the technical side of the software and low data mode for people with slow internet connections will also be added.

It is not clear when this update, which includes major innovations, will arrive, but it is expected to be released in the coming weeks.


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