According to the agreement, Microsoft will produce augmented reality hardware for the US military.Microsoft and the Pentagon reached an agreement last Wednesday to supply augmented reality hardware worth $ 21.88 billion.

Headsets based on commercially available HoloLens will make soldiers safer and more effective, according to Alex Kipman, technical officer at Microsoft. A Pentagon official said in a statement from the Department of Defense that the production agreement is a five-year renewal option, bringing the contract to over $ 21.88 billion in 10 years.

Authorities say it will provide capabilities such as night and thermal vision, as well as providing data by soldiers to reach targets and make tactical decisions during combat and training. While the Pentagon is so confident in hardware, Microsoft wants to earn one of the biggest revenues in the field. At this point, the famous analyst Dan Ives, who made comments on the contract, underlined that the agreement Microsoft has made with the military is a harbinger of possible new collaborations.

Finally, it should be noted that there is no information yet on when the augmented reality hardware will be used by the military with the new contract.


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