Mixer will close on July 22: the content will be recovered by Facebook, one of Microsoft’s competitors.

Mixing, it’s already over. The live video game streaming platform that once belonged to Microsoft will now transfer its content to … Facebook Gaming, the service that trying to develop Mark Zuckerberg’s group, without much success so far.


The announcement was released online on the evening of June 22, just after Apple’s WWDC conference ended. In the official Mixer press release, the observation is bitter: “It became clear that we needed time to grow our streaming community, but that it did not correspond to the vision and the experiences that Microsoft and Xbox wanted to offer to players. So we decided to close the operational side of Mixer and help our community to transition to another platform. ”

Some big professional streamers, like Gothalion, announced in the process that they would join Facebook Gaming. The gamer will arrive on Facebook in just two days on June 24. Others, however, may not follow: as The Verge pointed out, big streamers like Shroud and Ninja are now free to go back to Twitch, or go to Facebook Gaming if they wish.

The opportunity is great for Facebook, which has been seeking to publicize its platform dedicated to gaming since 2017, but is struggling to find the magic formula. While Amazon has Twitch and Google on YouTube, recovering Mixer is a great opportunity for Mark Zuckerberg to try to dig his hole in the video game streaming world. But the road seems strewn with pitfalls, as the competitors are already well established.


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