Apparently, accessing different accounts by typing username and password is a thing of the past. This is suggested by Microsoft, which this week reported that about 150 million users of the company’s services have abandoned the practice.

According to the giant, login alternatives like a hardware security key combined with Windows Hello’s face recognition technology or fingerprint identification; hardware key combined with a PIN code; or a phone running the Microsoft Authenticator app, in addition to being secure, they provide an enhanced experience.

The statement was released on World Password Day, celebrated on May 7, with the aim of disseminating the idea of ​​the best practices of virtual protection. About 90% of the company’s 150,000 employees have already adopted new methods, such as biometrics and facial recognition – and most users, Microsoft assures, are moving away from memorizing and writing down data that they don’t always protect as much as they should.

Such statements come from Joy Chik, vice president of the sector responsible for identification solutions.

Multiple login options are also an advantage, as the user is not held hostage by a single device that can be damaged or lost. Still, such authentications, including two-factor authentication, prevent hackers from appropriating accounts easily. In addition, such measures are essential with the number of covid-19-related blows circulating around.


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