“You and I can watch Netflix. I don’t know where you watch it or where I watch it, but we can talk together with the series we watch. I want video games to evolve to that same level. I don’t think it’s an ‘anti-hardware’ thought ‘but rather it is a’ where you want to play ‘”.

“I like to watch television. I like to play on television. That’s where I play most of the time. I think there will be – for a long time – a world where people will want to play on television and we are committed to this and we will create Great Console Experiences. I don’t think Xbox Series X is going to be our last console. I think we will make more consoles to make playing TV a great experience that works and is amazing.

“The best thing about being a company with Microsoft’s scale is that we are able to bet beyond these borders, without fully depending on any of these types of business or relationships succeeding individually.”


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