The software firm was one of the first large companies to accumulate Bitcoin. And now he is embracing the existence in a big way.


Pay with bitcoin

CEO Michael Saylor said today that MicroStrategy board executives will now be paid in Bitcoin.

In the statement, it was stated that “MicroStrategy Board of Directors is now paid with Bitcoin”. The board is a panel of high profile individuals selected to represent and protect shareholder interests and manage corporate oversight.

According to the company’s investor relations page, MicroStrategy has a total of five directors, including Saylor. These are Stephen Graham, Jarrod M. Patten, Carl J. Rickertsen and Leslie Rechan.

In a file submitted to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, MicroStrategy explained how to pay executive fees in Bitcoin. “Going forward, non-employee executives will receive all fees for their services on the Company’s Board of Directors in Bitcoin instead of cash,” the file said.

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