TP-Link has launched its new MiFi device, which enables you to easily create a Wi-Fi network anywhere with a SIM card. The M7000 model creates a fast, easy and portable Wi-Fi network of up to ten devices.

Portable Wi-Fi devices (MiFi), which were previously preferred for frequent travelers, overseas trips or places with no fixed internet, became one of the network solutions used by home workers with the Covid epidemic. Some companies provided these devices to their employees with a SIM card with data line so that their employees could provide better service with uninterrupted and powerful internet at home. Thus, there has been more demand for MiFi devices.

TP-Link has added a new one to MiFi devices that offer consumers plenty of choice. Standing out with its small size, affordable price and easy use, the M7000 can be carried anywhere, in bags or pockets. The product, which can work for 8 hours with its battery, can create a WiFi network up to 10 devices. Thus, a mobile WiFi network that can support more than one device at the same time is established. For example, a family who chooses to spend the pandemic period in their summer house can easily do their work with this device if they do not have a stable internet connection, and the children can continue their education.

Mobile Wi-Fi with SIM card
Getting the M7000 MiFi device available is also extremely easy. Users who buy this product also need to buy a SIM card with a data line. When the SIM card is inserted into the device and the device is turned on, the WiFi network is ready. With tpMiFi, a free application developed by TP-Link for these devices, all kinds of operations such as password change, network name, connection settings can be performed easily. Information such as networked devices and battery status can also be viewed from this Android and iOS supported application. In addition, settings such as which devices can be connected to the network and data limits are made with a few simple operations from this application.

The extremely easily created mobile WiFi network is carried with the device wherever you go. With the new generation 4G FDD / TDD-LTE supported device, HD videos can be watched without being stuck, online training can be done easily, files are downloaded quickly. Compatible with many countries and regions, the device will become an ideal companion for advantageous and flexible internet connection when normalization begins.

The recommended selling price of the TP-Link M7000 MiFi device is announced as $ 67 including VAT.


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