The mining pool Ethermine decided to distribute the $ 2.6 million transaction fee paid to the miners last week in Ethereum. SparkPool, which received another $ 2.5 million fee, is still pending.

One of the most talked about topics last week was someone who was unknown, paying a full $ 2.5 million transaction fee to send only $ 133 worth of Ether. Moreover, he did the same the next day, and this time he sent Ether, worth $ 86,000, while paying a $ 2.6 million transaction fee. So a record payment of $ 5.1 million was made in total!

In the first transaction, the fee went to the mining pool SparkPool. In the second transaction, Ethermine took the fee.

Bitfly, the parent company of mining pool Ethermine, said yesterday that they decided to distribute the fee to the miners in the pool. Stating that they have given the sender enough time to contact them, the company announced that many people have so far reached the claim that they are the sender of the transaction, but none have produced the valid signature required to prove it.

SparkPool is still waiting for the transaction’s owner to arrive. In the statement made by the company, it has been announced that the actual sender has not been contacted yet and that it will remain on hold for a while.

Finally, another transaction fee of over $ 540 thousand was paid last week. This fee was sent from a different address associated with the mining pool Mining Pool Hub. While the miner of the transaction was F2Pool, the fee was returned to the Mining Pool Hub.


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