Mojang reveals the full list of new features and fixes that the Nether update brings in Minecraft, Java version. Now available.

Minecraft receives the long-awaited update from the Nether. The underworld of the famous title of Mojang expands the possibilities that we will find in it. Now available in Java version 1.16.

The long list of fixes and additions is led by the four new biomes available there: Basalt Deltas, Crimson Forest, Soulsand Valley, and Warped Forest. In this way variety is added to a world that was excessively flat in possibilities.

Your world will receive the presence of the Piglins, pig-headed characters who act as villagers within the Nether. Although they can sometimes become hostile, they do accept item swaps if you bring them the right ones. They will walk near the Hoglins, boars that you can hunt. Not to mention the Netherite ingot, a previously unpublished material capable of being moldable into armor and more.

The target block works like a different switch than classic wooden sticks. Just hitting an arrow you can activate them remotely. Players will receive “the way of the Nether” at no additional cost, a map that goes through everything the update has added.

“A dimensional rift has appeared overnight on Amapola Island and the mayor has disappeared! Decide if you want to venture into the Nether and find out what has happened, “explain its creators in the description. It is a good starting point for those who want to see the renewal of the underworld.

Mojang is part of Xbox Game Studios, which will reveal its first projects for the new generation sometime next July. Although we do not know the day and time, what has transpired is that it will be a live event. The division will leave behind the pre-recorded videos to live the moment in rigorous live. In the coming weeks we will know when it will be.


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