It seems that it’s not just the players who complain about the miners. According to the determination of the authorities, earning crypto money with the GPU causes a serious problem in the country.

The seriousness of the situation continues to grow as hardware fans complain about the stock shortage and price increase caused by the miners.

According to the analysis of Iranian officials, the reason for the recent power outages in the country is the rapidly increasing number of crypto money digging farms. In Iran, where Chinese mining companies flock, electricity is 75% cheaper than China.

Only 14 farms are worth a city
In Iran, where 14 large excavation farms alone consume 300 megawatts, this figure is equivalent to the consumption of a city with approximately 100 000 residents. According to the latest research of Cambridge University, Iran ranks 6th among the countries where miners set up the most farms.

Only players are experiencing stock shortages
The question of where do miners find so many cards is one of the first to come to mind in the face of the table. The answer may apparently lie in Nvidia and its partners selling their cards to miners in bulk. The other day, we reported that miners were waiting for the graphics card in front of their business partners’ factories in China.

However, according to the allegations, retailers and business partners do not encounter any problems due to their shopping with miners.

As you may remember, we just shared that the miners flocked to the gaming laptops this time in China.


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