GENKI: The mini device called ShadowCast connects to your consoles with HDMI 2.0 and allows you to instantly transfer images to your Windows or macOS systems.

Publishing has also become an important field for console players. Players who want to broadcast their games on different platforms must have relevant streaming equipment. GENKI: The ShadowCast project offers an interesting alternative in this regard.

GENKI: ShadowCast features and price
GENKI: ShadowCast looks like a USB stick in design. You can transfer images to external displays by plugging them into consoles via the HDMI 2.0 input. The device can be used with Windows or macOS systems as it requires application support. In the near future, it can be used in mobile systems via the browser.

There is a USB Type-C outlet on the back of the device and it connects to computers from there. You can meet your needs for streaming or streaming your console to a computer screen. GENKI application consumes very little energy. In addition, it is compatible with software such as OSB, Xsplit. The device can stream in Full HD 30fps or HD 60fps.

Apart from consoles, it allows you to use cameras that output images like a webcam. It will come both very small and very affordable compared to its competitors in the market. GENKI: ShadowCast, who wanted a $ 39 donation, raised many times more in a short time. The product will begin distribution in March.


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