Toadman Interactive and Sold Out Sales present a new science fiction title in true Rick and Morty style and that will be released on PC and consoles in 2021.

Minimal Affect is new to Toadman Interactive and Sold Out Sales, an action-shooting RPG video game that aims to parody the Mass Effect saga based on a particular sense of humor and a staging in true Rick and Morty style. This is how its creators have presented it through a first trailer loaded with chascarrillos and its first images, ensuring that it will reach PC and consoles sometime in 2021, without specifying which platforms will receive the title next year beyond the term “consoles” .

First humor-packed trailer
Despite its casual and parody character of a franchise as well known as Mass Effect, its creators assure that Minimal Affect is an RPG that will adapt to the demands of fans of the genre; This is how its director Rasmus Davidsson comments: “Although the story is ridiculous, its gameplay is not at all. It is a full-blown action RPG made with the animation style for adults that you all know and love, “says the creative.

So much so, that Minimal Affect will offer classes, progress, skill enhancements, equipment and weapons, looting, decisions, and more, all through cover shooting and other features typical of action-shooting RPGs. In addition, its staging will evoke us to animated productions for adults and that we all know; and it is more than evident which characters they intend to parody with a simple glance at their protagonists.

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It won’t be until well into 2021 when we can try Minimal Affect; meanwhile, we can start opening our mouth with its first trailer and screenshots; It will be available next year on PC and consoles, without specifying which ones, for the moment.


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