Minnesota Events: Apple stores are looting. After the events that happened a few days ago, the number and influence of protests in the USA is increasing. Many stores were also plundered due to the US protests. In addition to luxury stores like Dior, Apple stores are looted . The course of US protests, which are on the agenda of social media, is changing every day.

After many stores, Apple stores are looting

Protests have begun in many states in the US after George Floyd, an unarmed man, died during an arrest in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Donald Trump, the US president made via Twitter for sharing was the cause of the incident is well fueled.

After these events, which caused the history of racism of the USA to come to the agenda again, the people seem to be really angry. Trump’s posts on his personal Twitter account are changing the course of these events. The protesters organize these protests because the police wanted justice after violence against unarmed Floyd.

After days of protests, protesters now share police violence with videos on social media platforms like Twitter. In recent shares, looting images of stores such as Starbucks, Dior and Apple were shared. In a loot image shared through Weibo, protesters attack the Apple store with baseball bats.

As you know, Apple Stores are made of glass-based materials in design. According to reports, the Apple Store in Portland, Oregon was attacked. The share of Portland Tribune’s Zane Sparling on Twitter shows that when people enter the store, they escape with Apple products, including both desk units and stock left on the shelves. It is seen that the chaos is moving to the streets in the USA right now.

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The posts titled “Apple stores are being looted” on Twitter look quite scary. Here are the shares:

The US protests, which have a major place in the agenda of social media, are uncertain how it will be progressing in the coming days, but it will be seen as sure. After the looting events, Apple issued an official statement, stating that it will temporarily close stores that have suffered severe damage in some states while at the same time keeping their stores in regions where protests take place until next week.


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