Chinese technology giant Xiaomi announced the MIUI 12.5 version with its flagship Mi 11 at the event it organized today. We take a look at all the innovations brought by the new interface.

Xiaomi today announced the MIUI 12.5 at its launch event to introduce its new flagship smartphone Mi 11. Key changes in the new version include smoother interface, the ability to remove almost all pre-installed apps, and improved synchronization with personal computers.

Design details were reconsidered in the new interface. There are a lot of little touches on system-wide icons, animations and menus. Xiaomi compared the fluency of the interface with iOS during the presentation.

One of the most important innovations of MIUI 12.5 compared to previous versions is the support for multi-core parallel computing. Before that, all system-related jobs were assigned to a single processor core. Now it will be distributed among several cores.

Memory usage and power consumption decreased
Optimizations implemented by Xiaomi have made MIUI 12.5 faster and smoother. Thanks to the rewriting of the system UI, memory usage has decreased by 20%, background memory usage by 35% and power consumption by 25%.

Another major change was the increase in the number of pre-installed apps that can be uninstalled from the device. Now users will be able to remove almost all apps from their smartphones except for 9 main apps including Phone, Messages, Browser, Settings, Clock, Gallery and others.

Smartphone screen can be mirrored to PC
MIUI +, another innovation launched by the Chinese company, allows to mirror the smartphone’s screen to a computer running Windows 10. In this way, users will be able to interact with their devices without taking their phones away.

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Other changes in MIUI 12.5 include new wallpapers, nature-inspired notification sounds, ambiguous location mode, and providing additional information about data requested by apps in the store. The public beta version of MIUI 12.5 will be released in mid-January 2021.


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