Xiaomi has pressed the button for its new update MIUI 12.5, which will take place between MIUI 12 and 13. Many devices may meet this update this month.

Chinese technology giant Xiaomi announced that after the release of MIUI 13, an intermediate version of the user interface will be released. It is revealed today that this update, which is expected to be named MIUI 12.5, will come very soon.

Jin Fan, head of the software department, talked about the timing of the update. Jin Fan underlined that MIUI 12.5 will be released in December. From this statement, we can deduce that in the coming days, especially the flagship and top segment Xiaomi / Redmi models will meet the new update.

What innovations will MIUI 12.5 come with?

In MIUI 12.5; Interface changes are expected, including the start page, the interface used when the power button is pressed, volume control, open apps and notifications, improved animation for opening folders and launching apps, full desktop mode, and approximate user location for greater security.

Xiaomi will release MIUI 12.5 along with Android 11 for some smartphones. However, this interface can also be used in Android 10.

For now, the Chinese technology giant has not announced which devices will receive this intermediate interface update. However, if we guess, we can say that all the top segment Xiaomi and Redmi models released in the last 1 year will receive updates in January at the latest. Xiaomi, who keeps his hand fast in updating, seems to perform the same in this version.


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