Xiaomi Mi 10T News: A new stability update has been released for Xiaomi Mi 10T and Mi 10T Pro, which are affordable high-end phones of last year.


Xiaomi Mi 10T and Mi 10T Pro have started receiving MIUI 12.5 update globally. The update, which was recently released only in Indonesia, is now available for download in more regions as of today.

The update, which has the MIUI RJDMIXM version number, is 914 MB in size. You can query the gradually released update from the Settings menu. Let’s underline that Xiaomi releases updates on different dates according to region and country.

What Does MIUI 12.5 Update Bring?

  • Adds Android Turbo gesture- This makes the system extremely fast and fluid
  • Boosts computing power – 20 times more processing power
  • New model classification – different fluency for each model
  • System optimization, lighter, faster and more power saving

System animation design

  • It adds a new MIUI light cone motion effect architecture. This also greatly enhances the full scene animation experience.
  • Adds premium aesthetics and dynamic design, synesthesia looks and feels real

System touch design

  • It adds real-life feedback, creates a rich tactile library, and also provides a natural tactile experience.

System sound design

  • Adds notification sound to the Museum of Nature where you can hear everything and be on the scene
  • It contains the natural sounds of nature. You also hear the sounds of spherical creatures.
  • Adds specially designed system sound effects for dual speakers

Super Wallpaper

  • MIUI 12.5 update adds a new Snow Mountain Super Wallpaper


  • Adds third-party fonts to support infinite thickness adjustment
  • It also optimizes personalized functions such as wallpaper, animation and sound of the collection system.


  • Seamless collaboration between mobile phones and computers
  • Supports easy switching from mobile view to desktop view

Xiaomi Health

  • Users can use smartphone camera to detect heart rate
  • Start various sports video courses. In addition, you can save your sports data, including running, walking and cycling.

Privacy protection

  • Apps can read clipboard behavior and help user to take notes more easily
  • Adds fuzzy positioning based on different privacy technology to protect your location information
  • It brings the first Android system to fully enable sandbox mechanism. It also supports separate setting for read and write permissions for sensitive information.
  • Add behavior logs of web pages to prevent sensitive and malicious behavior
  • New app store, each app comes with its own privacy instructions
  • New privacy risk detection
  • Add album images to prevent accidental deletion


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