After the MIUI 12 update, Xiaomi users continue to struggle with problems. Now a new one has been added to these problems.


Since the launch of the MIUI 12 update, we’ve been seeing Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO users giving mixed feedback about the overall UI and design in the new version. In MIUI12, the control center is one of the most important changes and unfortunately most of the reported bugs are about the control center.

MIUI 12 Problems Don’t End

Previously, some users reported some lag when scrolling in the control center. This was primarily due to the heavy animations that were a part of MIUI 12. Considering the feedback, Xiaomi has eliminated some animations that were shown as the source of the delays. However, some users report that they still encounter minor delays when opening the control center and the issue is not completely resolved.

Anyway, the lag issue was mostly fixed, but the control center issues did not end. Users are now facing a new problem in the control center. According to some users in the Xiaomi community, with the latest update MIUI 12.1.2, errors in this direction have started to appear again. According to users, this time there are pauses/freezes in the control center and sometimes an image appears from color to color. The above image was posted by a Xiaomi Mi 9T user.

In the face of the bugs that have just been reported, a moderator from the Xiaomi community stated that the issues are known to Xiaomi and they are working on an update to fix them.


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