It turned out that the new MIUI 12 update that Xiaomi is working on will improve the batteries of the phones. Here are the details.


Chinese technology giant Xiaomi continues to come to the last gas by upshifting on the update. While everyone was waiting for the MIUI 12.5 update from the company, it turned out that Xiaomi had new plans for MIUI 12.

Xiaomi has decided to take care of the batteries in its phones. To do this, the update introduced a new feature for its major devices. Smartphones that will receive the software update will be able to understand the battery charging method and time thanks to the support of artificial intelligence algorithms. This innovation will make it possible for the battery not to overheat and not to overload the device when the battery charge reaches 100 percent.

Artificial intelligence is also expected to deal with changes in voltage and current while charging the battery. This will increase the life of the battery. Unfortunately, there is currently no information that the new feature will appear on smartphones sold internationally and supported by the global version of the software. This update, which is offered for a discount only in its homeland China, will come to phones with AI, that is, artificial intelligence supported processors.

Xiaomi’s offering the ability to improve the battery with artificial intelligence should be a source of inspiration for other companies. Especially on the iPhone side, important steps are expected to be taken with iOS 15 to improve battery usage.

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The Chinese company announced that it will offer the 12.5 version to the Mi 11 and Mi 10 family at the end of this month. Let us state that in 2021, the new update that comes with innovations to other models will come.


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