RTX Ampere’s mobile options made up the most exciting parts of Nvidia’s online event. Listed are the prices of RTX Amp gaming laptops.

RTX 3000 mobile models longed by mobile players have been announced. The starting prices of laptops that will host muscular graphics cards have been shared.

RTX 3080 Mobile 8/16 GB
Starting with the mobile RTX 3080, the card rising above the GA104-775 carries 6144 CUDA cores. The mobile card, which can increase from 1245 MHz to 1710 MHz, will come with 8 and 16 GB capacity VRAM options. Although 12 or 14 Gbps frequencies are emphasized on the memory side, the memory frequency has not yet been specified.

Based on 14 Gbps, we can say that 256-bit interface will provide 448 GB / s bandwidth. Finally, RTX 3080 laptops, for which Nvidia has set a TGP limit of 150 watts for the Max-P and 80 watts for the Max-Q option, will meet with users starting from $ 1999. Let’s add that the card promises 1440p 100+ FPS experience.

RTX 3070 Mobile 8 GB
In the mobile RTX 3070 options, GA104-770 with 5120 CUDA cores is included. The chip, which can go from 1290 MHz to 1620 MHz, will communicate at a speed of 448 GB / s for 14 Gbps, although the frequency is not specified to 8 GB GDDR6 memory over a 256-bit bus.

The total thermal design power determined as 125 watts in the RTX 3070 Max-P was drawn to 80 watts in the efficiency-oriented Max-Q variant. Finally, the RTX 3070 8 GB laptop, which stands out with its 90 FPS emphasis in the 1440p Ultra, will be available for sale starting at $ 1299.

RTX 3060 Mobile 6 GB
Mobile RTX 3060, which will not shake your budget and offer satisfactory performance, is based on GA106, which hosts 3840 CUDA cores. RTX 3060s, which will operate in the range of 1283-1703 MHz, will communicate with a 6 GB GDDR6 VRAM unit over a 192-bit bus.

As of the segment of the model, we can say that the memory speed will be kept at 12 Gbps, and therefore a bandwidth of 288 GB / s will be reached.

The limit set as 115 watts in the high performance option has been reduced to 60 watts in the RTX 3060 Max-P. The starting price for RTX 3060 laptops, which will offer 90 FPS in 1080p Ultra, has been announced as $ 999.

Finally, it should be noted that gaming laptops powered by RTX 3000 mobile GPU will be available from January 26.


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