It seems that the GPU giant’s Ampere architecture will soon come to the entry level on the mobile wing as well. The memory capacity of the RTX 3050 was revealed as a result of the test listed in Geekbench.

Nvidia is in preparation to expand the RTX 30 series to the mobile wing. Following the RTX 3050 Ti, the RTX 3050 also appeared.

RTX 3050 4GB
As we approach Intel’s Tiger Lake-H processors, graphics cards that will be combined with new chips are also leaking. RTX 3050 showed up in Geekbench alongside the Core i5-11400H with 6 cores and 12 threads.

Since Nvidia does not offer a mobile x050 model in the RTX 20 series, there is no option to replace the card in the previous generation. However, the RTX 3050’s OpenCL performance looks 36% better than the GTX 1650 Ti and 45% better than the GTX 1650.


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