PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty: Mobile come to mind right now when it comes to the most popular mobile games. Although this is the case for some Asian and European countries, Garena Free Fire, which was presented to the users in 2017, shows an incredible rise in Latin America and some Asian countries. As such, Garena can be an important competitor for PUBG Mobile, which sits in the leadership seat of Battle Royale games, and Call of Duty: Mobile, which has incorporated many users in a short period of time.

Could Garena Free Fire be a PUBG Mobile competitor?
PUBG Mobile, which has been making a tremendous impression since its inception, has also refreshed its leadership in the latest statistics. Garena Free Fire, which met with its user in 2017 against this unrivaled, is shown as PUBG Mobile rival with its increasing momentum every year.

The free-to-play Battle Royale game has become very popular recently. In fact, according to data published by App Annie’s statistics for the past year, Free Fire was the most downloaded game worldwide on iOS and Android devices. Looking at the February data of this year, we see that the game has exceeded 500 million downloads in the Google Play Store only.

We can deduce that the popularity of the game has increased so much from the content of Free Fire published on YouTube. It is seen that Brazil, Thailand, Vietnam and India are the countries with the most intensive sharing for the game, in which very few videos are shared in English. This actually gives us an opportunity to make an estimate.

It is not a coincidence that in Brazil, many people do not have a computer, it is not a coincidence that a game that people play mobile games is much more popular and that a free game is becoming so popular.

The dynamics and low system requirements in the game cause players to play this game more in these countries. We don’t know what happens for other countries and regions, but the rising momentum of the game seems to shake the throne of popular games.


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