Bitcoin and altcoins drew attention during the day. Developments in the last 24 hours have risen by +3.5% for Chainlink and Monero.

LINK seems to have not recovered from its consolidated influence.
Monero is in a momentum in technical indicators.
Chainlink (LINK)
Overcoming the $ 25 level on January 23rd, LINK has been consolidating for a while and has been trending down. Although he has occasionally tested it to break the down trend, it cannot be said that he has fully avoided this situation.

Chainlink lastly failed to survive at the point where it tested assets, which rose to $ 24.7 on the last day of January, and fell again. The asset, which fell to $ 21.7, tried to keep its rise again in the early hours of the day, but the bulls’ weakness was not enough to hold on. At the time of writing the news was being traded at $ 22.9. It can keep the support level between $ 21 and $ 22.4 with the help of investors.

RSI data hovers below the neutral 50 level. The average direction index and the CMF indicator signal us that there is no upward trend for the time being. There is a decrease in demand and daily volumes. This indicates that it is in a consolidated situation. It may be a miracle that an explosion is expected for now. Pushing the $ 25 band could support an uptrend.

Monero (XMR)
Monero recorded a strong momentum during the day. In the evening, he had the opportunity to test the $ 148 resistance point. It acts in a way that supports the positive movements in RSI and CMF indicators and the formation and continuity of the trend.

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After testing at $ 148, the XMR bulls acted cautiously and were able to hold the asset above the $ 143.1 support. The MACD indicator, which has been in a positive direction since the previous day, also provides a sign for the continuity of this increase. The spill point in the Bollinger Bands seen above $ 148 can be considered the presence of the upper support point and is also a strong indicator for the rise.

If the asset, which is currently at $ 147.95, declines, contrary to what is seen, it can retreat from the previous support point to $ 134.1 after $ 139.4.


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