As you may remember, Apple’s support for Swedish music streaming service came to the agenda with the support of Spotify Siri. Daniel Ek, Spotify’s CEO, founded on April 23, 2006, criticized Apple’s restrictive practices.

Apart from support for Spotify Siri, it also requests other supports
Complaining the brands that want to be monopolized by the European Union last year, the Stockholm-based company is not happy with Apple being introverted. Experienced CEO expects Apple to switch to a more open approach in the long run.

Daniel Ek, who made Apple a 30 percent cut (commission) in the subscription system, is not satisfied with the restrictions made by the US company for updates released on behalf of applications. Ek also finds Apple’s work for Watch and Siri inefficient.

Complaining Apple to the European Union last year, Spotify stated that the popular technology company is a strong competitor but it does not comply with fair competition rules. Spotify also stated that Apple is a functional service provider.

After complaining to the European Union, Apple softened its aggressive attitude towards competition and opened Siri to other music services. In addition, Siri is known to have received an update on Apple Watch and Apple TV platforms.

Saying that Siri is trying hard to come to Spotify, Daniel Ek wants Apple to show the same collaboration for Apple TV and Apple Watch versions of Spotify. Because, according to Annex, Spotify must be active on these platforms.

Stating that he is suspicious of Apple, the CEO wonders if his app has been removed from the eyes of Apple TV. Daniel Ek thinks Apple TV is making different music services stand out instead of Spotify.

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Stating that the restrictions made by Apple negatively affect the trade, Daniel Ek also emphasized the restrictions Apple made for HomePod. Apple doesn’t allow running third-party music apps on the HomePod speaker or changing the default music app on software used by iPhone (iOS) and iPad (iPadOS).

Spotify is also asking Apple for a chance on these platforms. Defining Apple as an unfair and introverted brand, Daniel Ek demands that Apple be given this chance until next year. Where do you think this competition will end?


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