Shownu is usually a quiet and reserved boy, but he also often surprises us with his funny occurrences. The unique personality of the leader of MONSTA X, has made Monbebe and hundreds of people around the world focus their attention on him.

And the singer is not only incredibly handsome and incredibly talented. Shownu is also a noble person who does whatever it takes for his members and his fans. In addition, he has a series of very particular talents that make falling in love with him inevitable.

Here are some of MONSTA X’s Shownu hidden talents:

Lumberjack talent

Shownu’s strength and incredible physique make outdoor activities with the group a bit easier, as in these cases where he acts as a lumberjack.

He is a human compass

His guidance and his talent for making perfect circles have caused many to call the leader of MONSTA X a human compass.

Insect killer

If Monbebe is bothered by an insect, Shownu will always be there to save him, because look how he shoots this insect on the table during an event, (Hahaha look at Wonho’s face)

Head curls

To have the great body that Shownu has, it is necessary to eat well, be very disciplined and above all, exercise. This is why the MONSTA X leader has proven to be the best doing push-ups.

Describe foods with your body

When it comes to food, there is no one as expert as our Shownu, the idol can be good at describing different things with his body, but nothing suits him as well as describing food.

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Eating capacity without cutlery

Again, when it comes to food, no one can beat Shownu, he has shown that there is nothing special about being an idol when it comes to food, so if there is no fork, nothing matters, you just have to do the eat!

Make thumb gestures

In addition to his incredible body, Shownu has great flexibility, which has made him surprise us with the incredible abilities to move his thumb as if it was not attached to the body, haha.

Best in the bottle game

We were all in shock when we saw that Shownu perfectly placed the bottle on the table after throwing it. In addition, the attitude that he adopted when he achieved it was like Uff, what a man!

But despite all these amazing talents, perhaps the greatest of all is to go from being a cuddly bear to a sensuality machine, as Shownu’s duality is one of his greatest and most murderous charms.


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