Monster Hunter Stories, which entered our lives with Nintendo 3DS, is here with the second game of the series. Let’s see what Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin has to offer.


Nintendo and Capcom, which successfully infused the Far East culture to the West, brought a new breath to the Monster Hunter world in the past years. Capcom, which appeared in the Nintendo 3DS era with Monster Hunter Stories, released the Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin game, which it developed for Nintendo Switch this time. Released right after Monster Hunter Rise, this game will change your perspective on monsters. Let’s see what innovations and stories does the game offer us this time?

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin review

Monster Hunter was a monster hunting game in its nature. But that’s changing with Monster Hunter Stories 2. A group called Riders can train monsters and use them in harmony in their daily lives. Our game starts with an opening ceremony in the town where the riders are.

Hunter, a woman who is trying to escape from the hunters, suddenly appears in the town. In his fight with Rathalos during this escape, a red light suddenly surrounds the whole town. With Rathalos attacking the Hunters and escaping, the mysterious woman begins to hide with the eggs in her hand. After this incident, the monsters living in harmony begin to become aggressive in an interesting way.

This is where our game starts. We set out to figure out what happened to the monsters. As a result of our research, the eggs in the hands of the mysterious woman at the beginning of the game belong to the monsters that will supposedly bring the end of the world. We begin to think that this is why the woman is protecting these eggs and waiting for them to mature. This game in the genre of JRPG, as you can understand from the name, is based on a story.

In Monster Hunter series, you are usually given a task, if you develop your character and go to slay the monster. Here, the event is slightly different, the game that hits the bottom of the JRPG offers you an experience of approximately 30 hours. However, the most disturbing thing in the game is that the characters do not speak like in the Pokemon game. Probably Capcom cut down on the voiceovers to keep the game big. However, this event ceases to cause discomfort after playing the game for 2-3 hours. Because it draws you in.

The story is prioritized

In Monster Hunter Stories 2, which stands out with its storytelling, the mechanics of the main games are not pushed aside. In other words, there are elements such as plenty of action, character development and world exploration in the game. Only the story is handled more heavily. Even if you fight with the team you set up in the game, you can only control your main character during the fight. In other words, a transition between the characters during the fight is not possible like in Final Fantasy 7. There are 81 monsters in total. However, we can only take 6 of them with us.

When you enter the fight, you will realize that this number is quite ideal. Probably due to the limitations of the Nintendo Switch’s graphics unit, Capcom has increased this number to 6 so that they can offer a smooth combat experience without FPS drops. Speaking of 6, there are 6 different types of weapons in the game.

Those who play the main games already know. These weapons vary according to the game structure of the player. Therefore, it is useful to choose the weapon that suits you and embark on the adventure like that. Speaking of war, there is also a one-on-one combat mode of monsters in the game. I can say that this mod is quite enjoyable. In these time-based battles, you can do more damage by pressing the desired keys. Old players love it, but I’m not sure the new generation will like this type of mechanics.

As in every Monster Hunter game, there are a number of side missions in the game. By completing these missions, you can strengthen your character and monster and collect rewards. We advise you not to sneer at these tasks and do them. Because as you progress, monsters will come at you.

The graphics are quite satisfactory in handheld mode.

Graphically, Capcom did a great job on Monster Hunter Rise. The same success is achieved in Monster Hunter Stories 2. I can even say that our new game is a bit better in terms of graphics. I strongly recommend you to play this game, which works in handheld mode on 720P TV and 900P in handheld mode. Otherwise, if you play on a big TV, the graphics might catch your eye a bit. But keep in mind that someone with a Nintendo Switch cares more about entertainment than graphics.

Finally, let’s say that free content will come to the game in three months and you can go on a monster hunt with your friends with the multiplayer mode. In conclusion, if you like the Monster Hunter series, I can recommend you to play Monster Hunter Stories 2. However, if you are just starting the series, this should not be your first game. We recommend Nintendo Switch owners to take a look at Monster Hunter Rise, which will be the first to enter the series.


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