One Piece News: The Monsters manga, one of the previous One Piece stories, will have an animated manga with voices and will be released in September.


Although Eiichiro Oda is best known for his work with the One Piece series, that does not mean that it is his only work. Before Monkey D. Luffy roamed the seas, he worked on various manga.

One of them was Romance Dawn, which would become the prototype of the adventures of this young pirate. There is more than one version of this story, and some of its elements ended up making it into the main series. But he not only he was limited to this one.

Before One Piece there was the Monsters manga

He also worked on a one-shot manga known as Monsters, which was published in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. That was in 1994, before One Piece came on the scene.

It was always considered a separate story from the series, but in the Thriller Bark Arc it was revealed that it did have a connection.

That was confirmed by Oda himself in a question and answer session, or SBS, which appeared published in volume 47 of the manga.

It should be noted that Luffy and his nakama do not appear in Monsters. In fact, the characters are different. It is simply a story that takes place in the same world created by Eiichiro Oda. But some of them have certain similarities.

The protagonist, the swordsman Ryuma, shares elements related to Roronoa Zoro, and a girl, the waitress Flare, bears a strong resemblance to Nami. The plot of the story involves the appearance of a dragon.

This story will have a new version in September

Zoro would fight Ryuma in Thriller Bark, although the latter was only a reanimated corpse. The fact is that Shueisha has planned to give a little more notoriety to this work of Oda.

That is why it was announced that the manga will have a version with voice acting, and it will be published on YouTube. It will be divided into two parts, which will be published on September 6 and 7. To be able to see it, you only have to access the Jump channel.

Something that was also revealed is that it will have a great cast of voice actors, but it is not known for sure which artists will participate.

It is certainly an interesting way for more people to get to know Monsters, part of the One Piece canon but not very well known.

Let’s see if by chance they add English subtitles. At least to make it much more understandable to international audiences. It doesn’t hurt to keep an eye out.


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