Macbook Air 2020

A difference was detected with the display of the 2020 MacBook Air model Apple announced a few months ago. With the detection made, the highest screen brightness that macOS offers in MacBook Air is not actually the highest brightness.

More functional with Windows 10 2020 MacBook Air!
Apple announced the new laptop 2020 MacBook Air, which it introduced about 2 months ago. A testing website has uncovered a new unknown feature about one of Apple’s announced features on the new MacBook Air today.

Apple had announced the screen brightness of the new MacBook Air as 400 nits. However, according to the statement of NotebookCheck, who conducted the test, this value is not correct.

Because according to NC’s test, MacBook Air offers 415 nit brightness in macOS Catalina operating system and 547 nit brightness in Windows 10 operating system. As a result of this test, Windows 10 on MacBook Air runs 32 percent brighter than macOS. So you can have a more functional 2020 MacBook Air experience with Windows 10.

While there is not yet an official explanation as to why Apple applied this restriction, such a missing statement may have been resorted to, as not all screens reach maximum brightness, according to statements made by the NotebookCheck team. Another possibility is that Apple used such a way to maintain its color saturation.

After this test, Apple is wondering what Apple will say about these claims by users of the new model MacBook Air.


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