More information has been leaked about the new game of Battlefield, one of the most popular series among war games. According to the leaked information, the destruction mechanics in the game will be more realistic.

New information about the new game of the popular war game series Battlefield, published by Electronic Arts and developed by DICE, has been leaked. Last week, EA CEO Andrew Wilson said the game would be too big. Now some information about the game’s physics mechanics has been leaked. First of all, let’s add that this information is not officially confirmed.

On the online side, the Battlefield series offers a game that has offered larger maps for years and the map changes according to the events in the match. For example, you could demolish a building and make some changes to the map during a match. So there is a destructibility in the game. However, this destructibility is mostly for large structures and unfortunately there was no realistic physics. When the structure took too much damage, it was completely destroyed.

In Battlefield Bad Company 2, you could demolish any part of a wall. For example, you could shoot a small hole in the middle of a wall and shoot from there. According to the latest leaked information, this destructibility is returning. Not just for small buildings. You can also specifically demolish a single area in buildings. In other words, the structures in the game will be demolished with a realistic physics. If you blew up one side of the building, only that part of the building will be demolished, not the entire building.

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Battlefield 6 is expected to be released for next-generation consoles and PC later this year. More details and the first videos are expected to be revealed by mid-year at the latest.


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