With a new cyberattack, many e-mail addresses, along with their passwords, started to spread on the forums. Your e-mail address may also be affected in this new attack by hackers.

The incident, which was described as quite strange, took place this week. Email addresses and security information, estimated to be over 3.2 billion, have been leaked to an online hacking forum. Although the shared accounts have not yet reached large audiences, the report shared by the famous cyber news and analysis site CyberNews reveals the dire situation of the situation.

Leaks of this nature are not always heard. However, this latest development makes this event more serious than similar situations, due to the high number of leaked e-mail addresses. Analysis site CyberNews states that the number of these e-mail addresses emanating from the hacker forum is extremely high, and that especially business or active users of the e-mail service are affected.

It is very difficult at this stage to know where and why this great attack was carried out. CyberNews added all e-mail addresses spread in the hacker forum to its database and prepared a search page in order to provide users with which e-mail addresses affected by the damage experienced. You can find out if your account has been stolen by searching your e-mail address here. If your account is one of the hacked ones, the first thing you need to do is set a new password that you have never used anywhere before and change it. Then we strongly recommend that you turn on two-step verification.

While closed to homes with the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020, the frequency of communicating, especially by e-mail, has increased considerably. Pirates, taking advantage of this situation, seem to concentrate on their attacks in order to reach the personal data of users in different ways. Paying attention to the websites you visit, the applications you download to your computer and smart device; It is of great importance to protect your personal data from hackers. You should also not open e-mails from sources you do not know. It is worth noting that there are many people who are victims of this method (phishing).


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