10 years ago, one of the most dominant stables in WWE history debuted: The Nexus

Monday Night RAW on June 7, 2010, John Cena faced off with a masked CM Punk in the Red Mark center event. Cena was preparing the Attitude Adjustment to take the victory, however Wade Barrett, winner of the 1st season of NXT, descended the ramp. Cena was confused by his presence, and did not understand what was happening.

Barrett distracted Cena. The other NXT participants attacked CM Punk and his then stablemate Luke Gallows.

Wade Barrett ordered his teammates to surround the ring. Skip Sheffield, Justin Gabriel, David Otunga, Michael Tarver, Wade Barrett, Heath Slater, Darren Young and Daniel Bryan led by Barrett brutally attacked John Cena. That fact would mark the birth of The Nexus. Members of The Nexus also attacked announcer Justin Roberts, and WWE staff members.

Money in the Bank 2010

In the first WWE Money in The Bank 2010 event, Sheamus defended the WWE Championship in a Steel Cage Match. The Nexus arrived to interrupt the fight. One of the referees removed the chain cutter from Michael Tarver. Wade Barrett demanded that the other referee hand over the keys to the padlock. The referee released the keys to the public. Barrett and his group rebuked the referee. The ring action continued, Cena and Sheamus trading blows until Cena pushed Sheamus against the match referee. Cena intercepted Sheamus with the STF. The Irishman surrendered but the referee did not make it official. Cena tried to get out of the cage but members of The Nexus prevented it. Sheamus took advantage of the situation and took the victory. The Nexus cost Cena the victory !!!!!!!!!!

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Attack on the Undertaker

In the August 30, 2010 edition of Monday Night RAW, The Undertaker was attacked by The Nexus. The young fighters attacked Dead Man at the end of the RAW edition.

Dinner vs The Nexus

John Cena was at a disadvantage against members of The Nexus. Cena tried to dominate the contest but the numerical majority ended up favoring Nexus.

Attack on Kofi Kingston

Before the fight against Team WWE at SummerSlam 2010, The Nexus interrupted Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler’s fight for the intercontinental championship. Kingston was punished by all members of The Nexus.

Darren Young is exiled

After the loss at WWE SummerSlam 2010, Wade Barrett tested the members of The Nexus. Darren Young faced John Cena and was defeated with an STF. The Nexus came to the ring to attack his former member. Cena retired before the attack on Young.

Team RAW vs The Nexus

John Cena and Randy Orton were the last survivors of Team RAW to fight The Nexus. During the match Cena eliminated David Otunga but immediately afterwards he was eliminated by Justin Gabriel. Gabriel was surprised by Orton with an RKO. Michael Tarver entered and was also eliminated by Orton.

Wade Barrett with a Wasteland claimed victory for his team that night.

That was the so-called summer of The Nexus.


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