Although TikTok is an application for many people that will say “what will I load”, it still seems to have increased its popularity in quarantine days. SensorTower released the list of most spending apps in April. In this list, TikTok, which refreshed its success and signed record-breaking expenditures, was at the top. TikTok is the mobile application that users spend most. So how many dollars were spent in the application?

The most spending mobile application: TikTok was
Of course, SensorTower did not add mobile games to its list, however, among the top five most spending apps, YouTube, Tinder, Disney Plus, and Tencent Video are among TikTok worldwide. Users spent more than $ 78 million on TikTok app only in April.

According to the report, users spent more than $ 78 million on TikTok both on iOS and Android last month. TikTok finds itself at number one on the App Store’s list of Top-Rated apps for the month.

Besides, iOS users mostly spend for TikTok, YouTube and Tinder. Android users spend for the app called Google One, Disney Plus and BIGO Live.

In fact, TikTok and YouTube are among the common applications where users spend the most time and spend the most. The number of users and download numbers also confirm these comments. As it turns out with the new figures, we can say that TikTok is the most spending application.

In which mobile application do you spend most? Share with us in the comments.


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