Think Motorola still has fewer low-budget phones? The Moto G20 might make you think again!


When we say Motorola, we always think of budget-friendly and price-performance phones. However, when we look at its features, it is not much less than the phones produced by its competitors. Again, we are faced with such a device! With the Moto G20, the company wants to challenge rivals such as Xiaomi and Vivo. Let’s examine the device together!

Motorola prepares to introduce the Moto G20 price performance phone!

When we look at the device we are talking about in general, it may seem that it meets the expectations with its features, but it does not quite manage to exceed it. Do not be fooled by this! There is a situation you do not know yet. This device may be poor in design. It may be relatively weak on paper as well, but we have new information. Motorola’s new phone comes with a 6.5 inch display with 90Hz refresh rate! This screen has a resolution of 1600 × 720.

Especially when we look at the Indian market, these features seem not new, but actually this is more advantageous. For example, the Moto G30 already has this screen feature. In fact, both devices have a 64MP main camera, 5,000mAh battery and 64GB of storage along with 4GB of RAM. When this is the case, it is very pleasing that the price is even cheaper and these features are found in an even lower budget device.

In addition to what we have mentioned, we should also say that this model also has a 3.5mm jack input and a fingerprint reader integrated into the power key. Although the device does not yet know the processor to use, it is estimated that a processor that can compete with the Snapdragon 662 will be used. The price is expected to be around $ 130. Let’s see if Motorola can satisfy its users with this model.

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