Android 11, one of the newest versions of Android, continues to come to the phones on the market rapidly. While millions of users are waiting for Google to release Android 12, the new version is expected to appear first with Google Pixel. Android 12, which will bring out a new interface as well as many innovations, is closely followed. While Google has not yet released Android 12, another phone model has emerged that will receive the Android 11 update. Motorola Moto G 5G Plus will be stronger with the Android 11 update.



As you know, for the last few days, we have been approaching the Motorola phone news meticulously and trying to inform you of every detail. Motorola, which wants to enter the smartphone market quickly with the Moto G30 and Moto G10, was very popular in our country in the past years. With the increase of smart phones, the brand, which is about to be forgotten in our country, has managed to make a name for itself with the developments this year. The brand, which will continue to bring Android 11 to its phones, excited its users with a new announcement today. World famous brand is preparing to offer Android 11 to its users.

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Motorola Moto G 5G Plus to receive Android 11 update

The company, which recently released the Android 11 update for Moto G Pro and Moto G in some countries, is now preparing to release the update for another phone model. The company, which does not share any special details about the launch of Android 11, stated that the update will be released soon. As a result of the information we have obtained, Motorola Arabia stated that they will release the update soon to a question from Twitter. The update to be released for the model will present innovations to users, just like other updates. New chat bubbles, new UI and more are among the innovations that will be available to users.


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